About Frontiers Media

Jesus told us to go into all the world and take the gospel to everyone. Our vision and calling is to use modern technology to take the message of Christ to Muslims.

Television, radio and the Internet are particularly appropriate to the oral culture of the Middle East and North Africa, where traditional methods of evangelism such as public preaching, or distribution of tracts and Bibles are less viable.

every day Muslims are hearing and responding to Jesus through media

Frontiers Media is an independent, non-denominational association of teams. We work in close partnership with many different mission agencies and churches around the world. In our experience it takes two or more groups coming together, pooling skills, knowledge and resources to make a project happen.

Frontiers Media grew out of Frontiers, whose purpose is to establish vital, worshipping, witnessing congregations of transformed Muslims.

As we go forward we need more people involved in a wide range of opportunities for service, prayer and giving.

To find out what we are currently doing and planning this year, visit our Projects section.

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